1.) Does the Warehouse currently operate open gymnasium hours?

2.) Does the Warehouse host any adult basketball leagues?
      Not currently

3.) Where is the Warehouse located?
      The Warehouse is loacated at 800 North Hamilton Street, directly across the street from
      Gonzaga's new arena. Take The Hamilton street exit, north from I-90. The main entrance for
      The Warehouse is located on Columbus Street, one block east of Hamilton. Look for
      "The Warehouse" awning. Parking is available on the north and south sides of the facility.
      Auxillary parking is available one block north of the facility, at the former Native American Center
      building (Not currently operational).

4.) How do I get more information about the Baseball Warehouse?
      The Baseball Warehouse may be contacted for questions and reservations at 484-2461.

5.) What are The Warehouse's office hours?
      Office hours generally are:
      3:30 - 9:00    Monday - Friday
      8:00am - 8:00pm    Saturdays (Nov. - March)
      11:00am - 8:00pm    Sundays, (Nov. - March)
       Weekend, Spring, & Summer hours vary